Our Products

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Our Products

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Handmade Soaps

Our insect-repelling, gentle, moisturizing soaps are made using the timeless cold-process method of soap-making, and each scent blend contains the same base ingredients, including sapanofied cocoa butter and olive, coconut, avocado, apricot kernel, castor and neem oils.  We offer seven scent blends to appeal to a wide variety of people.
And our Soaps are so nourishing that you’ll want to use them even when the bugs go away during the cold-weather months!

Lotion Bar

Handmade Lotion Bar
Not to be confused with OM soap, our Essential Blend Lotion Bar is not to be used in water.  However, after a shower or a bath, or anytime, for that matter, is a perfect time to use our lotion bar, which provides and added layer of protection from biting bugs while nourishing to skin, even during the cold-weather months.
A lotion bar is solid at room temperature.  When using a lotion bar, warm the bar in your hands then gently rub on the desired area.  Its oils and butter provide moisture to the skin, while the beeswax seals in that moisture for better absorption.